Statement of Presidium of Cultural Alliance of Hungarians in Sub-Carpathia regarding the VeniceCommission’s opinion on the law on minorities in Ukraine

The Cultural Alliance of Hungarians in Sub-Carpathia (CAHS) positively evaluates that, despite the fact that the Ukrainian authorities did not request a preliminary norm control regarding the minority law, the Venice Commission examined its compliance with European and international minority protection standards.

The Commission found that, despite the positive aspects of the law, it does not copmly with Ukraine’s international commitments or European minority protection expectations. The document points out that it is essential to ensure an adequate level of education and language rights for ensuring the rights of minorities, but the corrections previously advocated by the Commission were not made in this aspect.

The CAHS welcomes the fact that the Ukrainian parliament has postponed the full implementation of Article 7 of the Law on Education by one year in accordance with the opinion of the Venice Commission, but at the same time draws attention to the fact that this only means postponing the solution to the problem, and further amendments to the legislation on minorities will be needed to settle it, above all, to implement the Commission’s recommendations in full.

Presidium of CAHS

Uzhhorod, June 14, 2023